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Seasonal Tips
As the red autumn leaves begin to fall and the air begins to cool, there seems to be a mellowness that surrounds us.  This transition time, from summer to winter, is the perfect time to detoxify the body and the mind.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the fall season is associated with the lungs, skin, and large intestine organ.  Asthma, dryness in the nose and throat, skin conditions, and digestive problems are prevalent.  Emotionally, the fall season brings out feelings of grief, sadness, and depression. Nature is transitioning to the yin time of the year and our minds tend to do a lot of self reflecting.

Here are some helpful tips to transition into the winter season:


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"Sages cultivate their life by following the climatic changes in the four seasons and that is why they can avoid attack by pathogenic factors and live a long life." -- Huang Di Nei Jing

  • Release any unresolved grief.  Fall is the time of letting go.  By acknowledging negative mental patterns and relinquishing them, we can then be able to grow and evolve.

  • Practice deep breathing meditations. Breathe in the healing cool, crisp air.  Breathe out toxic, negative emotions. 
  • Strengthen the digestive system by adding more probiotics and fiber to your diet. This is the time to eat warm, healthy, in season foods.  Try apples, pears, plums, yams, figs, ginger, cabbage, white beans, white rice, lotus root , and lily root to help nourish the body.

  • Use a netti pot to clear out any mucous or nasal congestion.  Try an air purifier or humidifier to improve lung function and reduce asthma.

  • Exfoliate the skin. It is very important to keep the skin well hydrated during the fall.  Try applying sesame oil or cocunut oil topically to really lubricate the skin.

  • Get acupuncture to help protect your lung qi, conserve your strength, and prevent illness.